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Elumen Q & A

Questions and answers about Elumen hair dye

Elumen beats conventional hair dyes in both manageability and colour fastness. Your hair will shine and stay bright for months instead of weeks. According to advertising claims, Elumen has 76% more colour intensity than acidic colors and 37% more gloss. Elumen comes in a wide range of colours and can be freely mixed and matched.

The effect of Elumen is based on a direct dyeing technique and therefore does not damage the hair. It does not contain any chemicals found to be hazardous in acid dyes.

The Elumen does not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or PPD and does not contain phenylenediamine or its derivatives.

No, Elumen just adds colour to the hair. However, it can be used on blonde and bleached hair, for example, to get rid off unwanted yellow tones. For this, we particularly recommend SV10 and AB9.

You can find the lighteners in our range here.

Elumen is divided into cool and warm tones. Cooler shades tend to turn green and warmer shades tend to turn red.

The shades of Elumen are quite dark in relation to the shade darkness level. While 1 is the darkest possible and 10 is the lightest possible, for Elumen it’s a good idea to think of each shade as one degree darker. The colour can be applied to white paper before application and soften with Clear if it seems too dark. In addition, all shades can be mixed together. It may take a few tries before you find the right mixing ratios, so don’t be discouraged!

Two new shades were added to Elumen in autumn 2019, giving 100% grey coverage: NN6 and NN8. Other shades will not cover, but will fade greys naturally. The grey coverage of the other shades is about 30%.

One bottle is enough for 3-4 applications to dye root regrowth alone. For short hair you use about 50 ml, for hair down to the shoulders about 100 ml, for hair down to the shoulder blades about 150 ml and for hair down to the tailbone about 200 ml. (Note that Tools has a handy measurement scale!)

In addition to the length and thickness of the hair, the amount needed is mainly influenced by the porosity of the hair. The first few coloring sessions may consume significantly more dye, as Elumen practically builds up a hair’s breadth.

The colour smells like cosmetics. Its consistency is a little more runny than gel, almost like a conditioner.

Elumen remains the same colour when it fades, but its brightness decreases and it becomes transparent, so to speak.

In addition to Return, bleach washes, oil treatments and deep-cleansing shampoos, for example, can help with colour removal. Read Saara Sarvas’ experiences on the subject here.

Elumen is easier to get out of hair than regular hair dye, but there is no 100% guarantee that the hair will return to its original colour.

Elumen is preserved in the same way as other straight colours, i.e. cap it and store away from direct sunlight.

Goldwell has divided the Elumen colours into sections according to their shade, i.e. cool and warm. Glowing, highly pigmented rainbow shades are Pure shades.

Yes, Elumen will adhere to regular hair dye, but several coats may be needed.

You can find Elumen colourings on Google Image Search, YouTube and Pinterest, for example.

This professional colour does not come with instructions, so we have put them together on our website.

Unfortunately, the colour doesn’t work if you mix it with conditioner. Elumen itself is such a pigmented and permanent colour that in most cases it does not need colour masks or other maintenance.

We recommend you try Prepare, which increases the acidity of the hair and optimises the electrical charge of the hair. Make sure your hair is clean and dry, as an oily scalp can make it harder for the colour to stick. Read more in the instructions.

Elumen will dry on the surface of the hair and extending the application time will not give better results. However, there is no harm in extending the exposure time, for example, the shade will not become darker if the dye is on for two hours.

Colour stains come off with washes, but the range also includes a cleanser called Clean. Surfaces can be discoloured with products such as window cleaner, abrasive cleaner or disinfectant.

For the benefits of shine alone and improved hair condition, use colourless Clear.

Porous areas in the hair scatter light, which can make hair look unpolished and lifeless. The Elumen dye fills the porous areas of the hair, thus correcting the hair structure.

The range includes Prepare, a gentle Color Shampoo, Lock a colour seal, a leave-in conditioner, Return a colour remover, Clean a stain remover and of course the colours themselves and Elumen Tools a colour application tool. New products for autumn 2019 are Thickener, Conditioner and Mask.

Elumen works by using direct dye pigments that are absorbed deep into the hair with a natural electrical charge. Under normal conditions, the hair has a negative charge, as does Elumen, which has an acidic pH. Thanks to its acidic pH, the dye momentarily changes the intrinsic charge of the hair: the internal charge of the hair becomes positive and attracts the negatively charged pigments like a magnet. Because the colour pigments are so small and surrounded by a film that prevents them from sticking together, they manage to penetrate deeper into the hair. The colour molecules are protected inside the hair away from external stresses, ensuring exceptional colour fastness.

Elumen hair dyes do not contain ammonia or oxidizing ingredients. All colours have the same basic ingredients – the only difference between the colours is the pigments and their ratio. The basic ingredients are water, propylene carbonate, xanthan gum, etc. More information about the ingredients here. Each product page contains a list of the ingredients in that product.

Low pH is acidic and high pH is alkaline.

The pH of Elumen care products is close to the skin pH (4.7): the shampoo pH is 3.73, the conditioner 3 and the treatment spray 4. An acidic shampoo seals the hair follicles and does not dry out the scalp.

Direct dye means a dye that works without an oxidant.

Permanent colour is a long lasting colour. It changes the hair’s pigment permanently. In addition to Elumen, our range of permanent colours includes Nectaya and Topchic.

Semi-permanent is a temporary colour. It’s a colour that stays in the hair for a while, but wears off with washes. Our range of shades includes Elumen Play and Soft Color. The semi-permanent colour usually lasts about 5-12 shampoo washes.

Demi-permanent is a lightweight colour that lasts longer than tint. Among these, we offer Colorance. Demi-permanent colour usually stays in the hair for about 12-24 washes.

Both can be used to darken or lighten a permanent or your own colour and have a shorter exposure time when dyeing than a permanent colour. Neither of them contains ammonia. Demi-permanent has ingredients that slightly open up the hair structure to allow the colour to penetrate – semi-permanent just adds colour to the surface of the hair.

Semi and demi colour comes off faster with a deep cleansing shampoo. They do not leave visible root growth, but they do not cover the gray. You can put a semi and a demi colour on top of a permanent colour and vice versa.

Thanks to Goldwell ingenious Master Colour Palette, the shades of Goldwell different colour ranges (Topchic, Elumen, Colorance and Nectaya) are directly compatible.

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