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Experiences of Elumen

On this page you will find a collection of Elumen experiences with all the shades and care products we sell. The comments are provided by our customers and are published as such.


Red rr@all

Elumen red, rr@all

Red purple rv@all

Elumen red-purple, rv@all

Violet vv@all

Elumen purple, vv@all

Blue bl@all

Elumen blue, bl@all

Turquoise tq@all

Elumen turquoise, tq@all

Green gn@all

Elumen green, gn@all

Yellow yy@all

Elumen yellow, yy@all

Gold copper gk@all

Elumen Gold Copper, gk@all

Copper kk@all

Elumen copper, kk@all

Pink pk@all

Elumen pink, pk@all

Cool medium brown ab@6

Elumen cool middle brown, ab@6

Brown ash bm@6

Brown ash of Elumen, bm@6

Natural medium brown ng@6

Natural medium brown, ng@6

Warm medium brown bg@6

Elumen warm medium brown, bg@6

Copper brown bk@6

Elumen copper brown, bk@6

Red brown br@6

Elumen red-brown, br@6

Black na@2

Elumen black, na@2

Mahogany brown nb@4

Elumen mahogany brown, nb@4

Warm chestnut brown nb@5

Elumen warm chestnut brown, nb@5

Cool dark brown an@5

Elumen cool dark brown, an@5

Clear, colourless

Elumen clear, colourless

Natural blonde nb@10

Elumen natural blonde, nb@10

Dark blonde na@8

Elumen dark blonde, na@8

Cool bright blonde ab@9

Elumen cool bright blonde, ab@9

Sand blond sb@10

Elumen sand blonde, sb@10

Cool blonde sv@10

Elumen cool blonde, sv@10

Warm blonde gb@9

Elumen warm blonde, gb@9

Dark blonde bg@7

Elumen dark blonde, bg@7

Copper blonde kb@7

Elumen copper blonde, kb@7

Return, colour remover

Elumen Return, colour remover

Wash shampoo

Elumen Wash shampoo

Treat, intensive care

Elumen Treat, intensive care

Care, light conditioner

Elumen Care, light conditioner


Elumen Clean

Lock, colour seal

Elumen Lock, colour seal

Prepare, pretreatment

Elumen Prepare, pre-treatment


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